Montgomery for Fuller trade

I feel like fuller has the best upside right now with his team. starting to get that work with Watson, but the target share is relatively low. and i certainly dont expect 2 TD’s every week.

Standard scoring league

i have tons of RB’s and looking to build at WR.

Current guy wanting to trade has Tyrell Williams, Fuller, Marvin Jones, Mike Williams and Mike Wallace.


No way, not straight , need more for monty

was thinking the same thing as well. need some sanity checks!

think its worth the double up on one of his other WR’s? he just lost OBJ, figured he was going for AJ green.

My RB’s
Monty, T. Coleman, Ajayi, T. Cohen, E. Mcguire, and Duke Johnson

Aj, Maclin, Jeffery, Lockett, M. Lee