Montgomery for Thomas?

Full PPR

I was offered Michael Thomas for David Montgomery straight up.

Current Roster
RBs: Gibson, J.Taylor, Montgomery, Booker, R.Stevenson
WRs: Godwin, D.Johnson, Meyers, ARob, Toney, Shenault

This League starts 1 RB and 2 Flex (meaning I can start 1 RB and 4 WRs) so there’s less emphasis on the positional value of RB. Clearly WR is my weakness. Thomas is ELIGIBLE to return in week 7 but do we really trust that? Montgomery can’t return until week 8 at the earliest.


The way I see it. Since rbs are much less b
Valuable and you already have a few stud rbs. Micheal Thomas’s upside seems to be there and you know Jamis Winston won’t be afraid to throw to him.
On paper for a 1 for 1 trade I would lean Monty, but given the context I don’t see an Issue with taking MT.