Montgomery Najee trade

I have Najee and am considering pushing for Montgomery for playoffs. But I’m concerned about the offensive play of the bears. HELP! I’m

Sideways step of a trade. I think I’d be happy enough with Najee.


Yep, I don’t make lateral trades like this. What’s the advantage? If there is an obvious advantage, then why would that manager make the deal?

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I’d stay with Harris.

Montgomery does have Vikings, Seahawks, Giants though. I do like that.

Keep Najee unless you can leverage the trade to improve your starting roster somewhere else as well in a 2 for 2 trade… I would think the perceived value of Najee should be much greater than Montgomery… on a PPG basis it isn’t even close… you’d just be betting on the schedule yeilding results. Montgomery has had some very plus matchups this year where he had a very mediocre point total (no TDs can do that to you).

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