Montgomery or CEH ROS? Trade help!

10 Team 3 wr PPR league… I am 1-7 and somehow still have a chance to make the playoffs…

Looking at a trade where I would send:
Matt Ryan, David Montgomery, and Amari Cooper
Russel Wilson and CEH

My Team:
Qb: Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill
Rb: Chris Carson, Chase Edmonds, David Montgomery, Deejay Dallas, James White
Wr: D Hop, Keenan Allen, Scary Terry, Amari Cooper, Marvin Jones, Aj Green, S. Shepard

I’d take that for sure. I still think CEH is better than Monty even if Monty is a 3-down work horse. He is TERRIBLE at running and CEH has a good matchup this week. Russel is the best QB in the league this year IMO. Dallas has collapsed completely, so I wouldn’t play Cooper anyway.

I think this trade gives you a better shot at winning both this week and ROS.

If your starting lineup is Russel, Edmunds, CEH/Dallas, D Hop, Allen, Terry I think you have a great chance to win this week.

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Appeciate the reply. The one thing I was questioning was moving from Monty to CEH only because CEH is sharing the backfield with Bell now.

He is, but he was sharing the backfield already. He hasn’t been used much on 3rd down or in the red zone since week 1. I don’t think Bell is hurting him. The O-line and Andy Reid are hurting him…like they have been all year.

I have both RBs, in 2 leagues and at one point in 1- trust me- you’re better off with CEH.
That’s great trade. Get on that before they change their minds.

Also, I’ll take the chance of CEH taking a 20+ yard toss for a TD. Montgomery gets volume, but unfortunately doesn’t do much with it.