Montgomery or Williams?

With Jones suspended, who should I grab from the waiver wire in a 1/2 PT PPR?

J Williams. FTW.

No way. It’s Monty without a doubt. More experience and familiarity with Rodgers and the offense. Also trusted in key situations and a great receiver. Williams was the worst of the RBBC to begin with

Williams has a better chance at becoming the 1st and 2nd down back, but I think Montgomery has the bigger upside, he’ll make bigger plays in the passing game than Williams and he’ll be utilized there often.

Montgomery in any form of PPR, he has upside of an RB1. I completely agree with @hertel3k can’t think of anything else to say

Plus Monty was being force fed last year before his injury, was looking like a stud for the first few weeks.

Thanks everyone, went ahead and got Montgomery

Guess I’m against the grain here but I’ll take Williams all day. Ty Mont has proven he cannot handle the workload of a true 3 down back whereas williams can. Was he efficient? No thats Jones. Is he a great runner? No thats jones. Is he the best pass catcher? No thats Ty Mont but he’s good enough. But key is he can do all 3 and has the durability to do so.

We all know fantasy is about opportunity and when he was given the opportunity, he was fine with it. Also, he’s the best pass pro RB out of the 3 and they are going to be focused on protecting Rodgers.

I know we can’t and shouldn’t predict injuries, but Ty Mont has already shown he can’t handle the hits. Dude was limping off the field every other play even when he was the lead back. And I don’t draft scat back / 3rd down backs which is the ceiling of Ty Mont whereas Williams can be the 3 down back and if not, will at least be the 1st and 2nd.

I think broken ribs is more of a freak injury rather than a nagging injury like a hammy or something. Montgomery doesn’t have an extensive injury history so in my opinion your argument doesn’t hold up.

Another question to consider…should I try to trade for Jones as well?

Don’t think this is necessarily true. Going into the season, the one question was whether or not his body could take the punishment. Ribs injury isn’t a “freak” injury. It’s from getting repeatedly hit by a truck in the NFL. He’s was a WR and his body just wasn’t built for it. And before the season ended, he was back and could be play again. Why didn’t they play him? because he can’t take the punishment and they saw that they already had guys in Jones/Williams that could and are honestly better runners than him anyway. Ty Mont isn’t someone that can handle the rock 20-30 times a game.

And also given it happened once already, makes it all the more likely it happens again as he continues to take those hits. I just don’t see him ever getting back to the workhorse role he held for the first couple weeks of the season now that they a serviceable back in WIlliams / Jones .

Also everyone says how bad williams was as an RB averaging less than 4.0 YPC and whatever but seem to forget, TyMont was absolutely horrible as an actual runner. Averaging less than 3 ypc on 2/3 starts. He got all his points through the air which he can still do as a 3rd down back. I see no reason why they would give him back his starting job as a 3 down back as he is by far and away, the worst and least efficient runner of the 3.

Yes, if you can get him cheap.

Jones got dropped, but I’d have to drop Cohen to pick him up…I feel like that’s not a great move

No, Cohen is a stud. I expect a lot from him in the passing game this year

I could also pick him up for Mark Ingram…thoughts?

I’d never put Ingram on the waivers. Cohen or Jones doesn’t hold any value close to what Ingram will once Week 5 hits when he’s on the field and the suspension ends.

If you have enough depth to get you by the first month, Ingram is a no-brainer to stash. That New Orleans offense is insanely good.