Montgomery Tonight Or..?

Full PPR RB2 - do I play Montgomery, or see what he is first and start either Jones, Breida, Hill, Jackson or Singletary over him?

I’d probably go Jones. He is the lead back 100% with not much of a committee. Montgomery and Breida are decent options but no one knows what their roles will be.

If by Jones you mean Aaron, I’d play him.

Every other option is in the same boat of “seeing what he is first” given they’re all either rookies or in a different situation than last year.

im also on the fence about d.mont, should i start him or DUKE? full ppr

D. Mont for me.


Have the same situation in a .5 ppr. I am going with Montgomery. In a full point PPR I might switch and go Duke.

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its tough man especially with Duke being named starter
my other RBs are chubb and sony

I’d go Duke I think in your situation. Safe with Sony and Chubb and Duke will be involved in the likely shootout with NO

Was leaning that way but Bears DST, even without their DC from last year has me slightly concerned.

Would you play Montgomery or Lockett??

i think imma stick with d money hopefully i look like a genius


I’m torn with him and Aaron Jones! Only week 1, could just roll Bredia and watch him tag the bucs for 100 total yards and a score

def not jones, only because im scared of bears D i do love jones just not week 1

Full PPR maybe Lockett but other formats Monty. Seattle will destroy the bengals in 3 quarters… Wilson may not throw the ball much over 20 times

yup lockett over d