Montgomery trade

Alright Foot Clan-
I think I drafted pretty well.

Dalvin cook
Todd Gurley
Brandin Cooks
Adam Thielen
Vance McDonald
Mike Williams
Christian Kirk
Marvin Jones
Latavius Murray
Peyton Barber
Rashad Penny
Darwin Thompson
Mitch Trubisky

I didn’t draft a kicker because they’re stupid but I know I’m gonna have to before season starts. I hate just cutting players and I would much rather trade 2 for 1 to make room.
Should I trade Marvin Jones and Rashad Penny for someone like David Montgomery? Or is that too much?

Thanks crew!

All depends on what the owner of David Montgomery needs. If he’s thin at WR that may help your cause because Penny isn’t really valuable right now. As a Montgomery owner myself I don’t think I’d do that though.

I bring up Montgomery because I did talk to the DM owner and he agreed on it but…he’s new to fantasy so I told him to think about it.

Now I’m also thinking that Penny might have a good year but I need some encouragement to pull the trigger- which I think is fair…ish.


@James89 - I could use a bit of your advice-

You’re also a Mongomery owner- should I pull this trigger? I think I feel more guilty…but if you’re in the game…

I’d go for it if I was in your position and the Monty owner was happy to trade.

You’re set at WR with Thielen and Cooks as every week starters. Good flex choices with Murray, Williams, maybe MVS or Barber in a pinch.

Cook looks great and Gurley if he stays healthy will be fine. Monty should get the majority of the work in the Chicago backfield and if you lost Gurley or Cook, or dare I say both, you’d be done for the year. Sure up the RB depth, of all three are healthy and playing you’d have a mean five headed monster with Cooks, Gurley, Thielen, Cooks and monty flexed.

Go get him!

Oh and Penny is fine but I think his upside is now massively capped by Carson’s utter dominance in performance over him.

He’s on par with Murray for me now, handy flex, valuable handcuff but that’s it for now

Thank you so much. I’m going for it!

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Oh I got my man.

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