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Montgomery v. Seattle or Bilal @ Buffalo? RB2


Half point ppr. Question in subject. Would love your thoughts.


I think Bilal is gonna shit on the Buffalo defense. Normally, I’d say Monty but the healthy Seattle D is scary in week 1. He should get his looks though. Who’s your flex?


Demarius Thomas is in my flex.
I’m struggling mentally because Montgomery has Rodgers but Bilal has the better matchup.


I’d go Montgomery. I understand why Bilal, but I think we still have forte in the mix, and who knows what’s going to happen with this disaster game. I’ll bet on the packers over the jets, says the Jets fan reluctantly. We know seattle has a good D, but so did the patriots last night. Week 1 I like to start the guys I drafted earlier.


I agree with this sentiment too, it’s week 1 so you start the guys you drafted for a reason.


Same as @prof_pigeon . Against SEA’s d which is good in the box and secondary, GB is gonna need Monty’s flexibility in the backfield and as a pass catcher.


Valid points by @prof_pigeon. Overall I prefer Montgomery. However, I would try and get Bilal in your lineup too. Probably not at the expense of D Thomas, though.


Thanks everyone! This really helped!