Monty or Taylor

I trade my Monty and Edmonds for Taylor. My other Rbs are Henry, Ty’Son and Javonte.

Going off draft rankings and projections, would seem like a no brainer… however, based on what we’ve seen on the field so far this year I’m not sure how much more of an upgrade Taylor is over Monty. Monty has looked good and doesn’t share much of the workload.

Also Ty’Son and Javonte have the chance to breakout as season goes on, but they’re still competing for carries.

Personally I’d rather have Monty and Edmonds and have depth at RB than trade for Taylor.

(Disclaimer: I have Monty on my team so I’m hopeful that he’s a stud. Just FYI haha)

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Agree with @ryan604264. Taylor isnt that much of an upgrade from Monty. I’d prefer to keep the depth with Montgomery and Edmonds.