Moore, Brown, Lindsay, Crowell

So I’m in the predicament of dealing with this “bye-pocalypse” and need someone for my flex. My options are; John Brown vs the Steelers, DJ Moore vs the Bucs, Phillip Lindsay vs the Texans, and Isaiah Crowell vs the Dolphins.

Right now I have DJ Moore in my Flex because I feel that he is getting more and more opportunities and is earning more trust from Cam Newton and the coaches. However, John Brown torched the Steelers last time he played them, and Phillip Lindsay has gotten double digit points every week that he has played football and not boxing (ejected for throwing a punch). I don’t really want to play Crowell so I guess the real conundrum is between Brown, Moore, and Lindsay. What do y’all think?


You cant go wrong between Moore or Lindsay. I worry about the Denver game script. Unlike the Bucs and Carolina game, in which I see a high scoring game. I would choose Moore.