Moore or Sutton

Ros standard scoring. Who and how much FAAB?

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knowing how my league spends, I currently have an $11 bid for Sutton and $5 for Moore

and by Moore you mean DJ and not David right? I would spend only like 2 or 3 on David.

Yeah DJ. don’t think he’s the 1 on his team with a favorable ROS schedule?

I have $49 left and just freed up another roster spot. Going to try and get both. Pissed i didn’t grab sutton for free last week. Was going to, too. Adder Mostert instead…

I’m targeting both - $10 for Sutton and $6 for Moore but I may pump those #s in my league that I need WR help

Yeah the guys on the podcast said they wouldn’t hesitate to put down 20-25% on Sutton. Trying to get both Moore and Sutton as well as Fitzmagic to replace Baker