Moore v Kirk v Sutton

Standard no ppr league. Bench space limited. I think I like Kirk the best, as Moore didn’t even play bc of so many guys ahead of him and Kirk seems likely to get the most targets out of the three.

It’s a keeper league so that’s why I’m taking a flyer on rookies.

Kirk is the most likely to carve out an early role and it’s not even particularly close. Moore is 4th option on that team at BEST, and Sutton is a nice prospect but D. Thomas and Sanders are both still ahead of him on that depth chart.

I should note I was wrong about Moore not having targets - they specifically put him in on a goal line situation in the 1Q yesterday and threw to him. NE’s defenders basically just held him so he didn’t get the TD target. Moore is 4/12 on targets and is being thrown to downfield.

Kirk is 6/9 on targets and has few yards after catch.

Sutton is 5/7 on targets and is averaging about 13 yards a catch.

James Washington has the best preseason stats, but he too is buried on the depth chart.

I’d have to agree with you on Kirk.

And now that Lee has an injury, does DJ Chark step into the #1 role?

Looks like Kirk and Chark will have the best shot at being a WR1 early in the season.

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