More Bell Questions

Ok all my turn now…

I got a trade offer for Bell, I dont think I like it BUT here it is

I Give Bell
I Get Jordan Howard and Brandin Cooks

Full point PPR

He has
QB: Luck
RB David Johnson, Rashad Penny, Aaron Jones, Alfred Morris
WR Allen Robinson, diggs, cooks, fuller, mike williams, gallup

I have
QB Stafford
RB Marshawn, Buckhead, Duke, Clement
WR AJ, DJ Moore, Kupp, Stills, Sutton
TE Ertz

Would you counter?

I’d do it.

If I owned bell but not conner, I’d want to cut ties if I could get something for him.

There’s talk of Bell staying out until week 10 because the CBA allows him to do so without risking free agency next year. Also, is 0-line – you know…the guys who make his dinner for him – just sided with management in the press.

Of course, the minute he walks through the door, all will be well. But as of right now? Somebody wants to relieve you of that headache? Take it.

I like your team with addition of Jo-Ho and Cooks.

Pass. Not even close. Especially in full ppr format.

Edit: Not to mention if Bell only ends up sitting out for 2-4 weeks, you basically just handed the DJ owner the championship. Good luck to anyone else who was even remotely contending.

With those receivers? I like the Diggs side of the Diggs / Thielen combo as much as you do, but without Cooks, that’s a borderline motley group.

If Bell is the Bell we all know, then I’m with you. But I’m bearish on him right now. This situation in Pitt looks pretty bad and getting worse.

Maybe the worm will turn, but…he’s getting Howard and Cooks…

In a full point PPR though man. DJ/Bell both can easily hit 90-100 receptions each. That is insanely hard to beat.

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This is true…hmmm…

I guess this boils down to whether or not Bell follows through with his holdout or comes crawling back now that the o-line has called BS on him…

I mean, if Bell’s not there, he’s a goose egg every week. And it would be a coup to dump him on someone else for those two players (though you’re right, neither will be a PPR monster).

But yeah, if Bell comes back, then this is a bad deal for the guy who loses him, especially in full ppr.

Well yeah ofc if Bell Holds out, then the dude loses. I was saying IF Bell only misses like 2-4 games, come playoff time, that team is going to be extremely tough to beat.

I hear ya…I just don’t think highly of that receiver group, but yeah, DJ / Bell would be a dominant PPR combo.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! As everyone mentioned it’s all based on bell and what he might or not not do. Honestly my biggest issue is taking Bell 1st and then having mckinnon go down I’m slightly in panic mode but trying not to be. If the guy offered me diggs and Howard I might have pulled the trigger

I was also considering doing Bell for Kamra but then I’m wondering if I’m loosing out on that end of the deal…would you guys think that would be a bad move one for one?

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Kamara > Howard

I would take Bell for Kamara definitely. That’s a fair deal. Personally, I’m keeping bell cause I am more risky and like to swing for fences, but Kamara is the smart move.

Thanks guys! the Kamara owner dent wanna do it, I think he is a fool…Im trying to get Conner in giving up Corey Clement this the Connor owner has Ajayi…you would think it would be perfect for both of us

He’d be dumb to do that trade.

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Well this has been a tough road. Looks like I just need to roll with what I have until Vell comes back and pray he isn’t out until Week 10. Although from a selfish mindset I can’t blame him if he does that