More Gurley

I have Gurley in my flex currently with CMC and Mixon as my running backs. Since he’s the 4:05 game do I go ahead and start Elijah McGuire or Evan Engram (have jaylen samuels in my TE spot) at 1:00. Or wait until game time and play Larry Fitz or CJ Anderson at 4:05? 10 team full ppr and I’m favored currently by 21 (with gurley in)

I think I’d wait and pivot to CJ if he’s ruled out.

Is Anderson a better option than Kelly if Gurley is out?

IDK…I’ve had my eye on Kelly since way back early summer during pre-season. I saw what this little guy can do. He’s incredible!!! Given the chance, I think he’s gonna really do something. Is this his chance??? Who knows. BUT…him vs CJ…I’d have to go Kelly.

Let’s face it…how many times these past couple of years has CJ let us all down??? TONS!!! I just don’t personally trust the guy anymore. Just me. So…IDK…may be wrong here. JMO