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More keeper help


I’m in an 8-team league and have the 2nd overall pick. I can keep Mike Evans for my 2nd round pick or Terrelle Pryor for my 9th.
I think Pryor is the better value but Evans is in the elite category/tier and I would get him for 2nd to last pick in 2nd round.


Forget trading and invite 4 more people to join your league, lol. Keep Evans. We have no idea what Pryor will do in Washington sans 140 targets.


I would keep the value in Pryor. Not likely but three is a chance that Evans could slide to the 14th pick. Worse case is you still have a solid 2nd pick like a Michael Thomas, Jordy, or Dez. I would rather have Bell, Thomas, and Pryor, than Bell, Thomas, and a 9th round flyer. Plus, Cousins is going to air out the ball trying to increase his free agent status. Pryor will still get a good amount of targets.