More Trade Offers: Thoughts?

A lot of guys in my league are looking to trade this week. Here are two offers that have been proposed to me. Thoughts?

Trade 1
Trade Away:
Jacobs, Kupp
Receive: D. Henry

Trade 2
Trade Away:
Jacobs, Kupp
CEH, Golladay

Full 10 Team League. PPR. 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 2Flex, 1TE
QBs: Stafford, Cam
RBs: Cook, Jacobs, Gibson, Moss, Bell
WRs: Moore, Kupp, A. Cooper, Ridley, Diontae Johnson, MVS
TEs: Fant, Shultz

I like trade 2. In PPR I like CEH more than Henry because i see the TDs coming even tho KC spread it out so much. Plus Golladay I saw an improvement over Cupp. On a side note i prefer not to do 2 for 1 trades since you have to add someone from waivers. You might just negotiate to have them throw in a low level piece that’s usually better than what’s on the waivers. But again trade is my pick.


Trade 2* is my pick.


Thanks for the input!

yeah i would definitely do deal #2

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Thanks! Went ahead and pulled the trigger on #2. Appreciate the input!