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Morris and McFadden for Diggs?


I was able to snipe McFadden and Morris off waivers yesterday after the zeke ruling. I currently have an offer out there’s pending of the both of them for Stefon Diggs… would you make this trade? I don’t really need Morris and McFadden and I have plans to shop Diggs with another player to get someone like AB. Is this a trade you would confidently make? Standard scoring 10 team league… also could offer them both for TY Hilton to the Zeke owner… which looks better? As of right now I’m leaning towards Diggs if he’ll do it. Thank you!


Bump need some advice


I don’t think you can go wrong either way trading both of those guys for either diggs or hilton. As long as youre set at RB.


That’s kind of where I’m at with it… at RB I have Bell hunt, Gilly, ty mont, and jones. I’m hoping if the Diggs owner does this I can package Diggs and Gilly for Antonio Brown but that may just be wishful thinking at this point lol