Morris or Breida?

I have Mckinnon and now hes hurt again (Dont worry i got mad value on him so dont hate on me drafting him)… Who do I pick up to replace him Breida or Morris?


My dude. Just hopped on here with a similar question. Do I drop Ekeler for Alfy to undercut a rival that has McKinnon? Lol

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It’s probably going to be Brieda but you can’t count out Alf due to his history with Shanahan.

That being said, the McKinnon owner already had Brieda handcuffed so I went and picked up Morris anyway.

But to answer yours, they still cut 2 rbs today even with the injury. Breida is the back up, but Shanahan loves Alfy and will carve out a spot for him pending the severity of this injury.

Who should I drop for Breida , Cole Peyton Barbara or Tyler Lockett

I came here for the same info. I picked up breida and dropped lat Murray. I got ty Montgomery and was thinking about dropping him for Alfred Morris.

That’s really tough man, I’m at a loss . Sorry

question of the day man! i think morris might start now and might go with him. shanahan loves morris and they have history. good luck amigo

I went with Morris off wavers. I dropped Mike Williams for him. Still questioning as Breida also available

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Breida should be the priority grab, he will almost certainly be the lead back if he is healthy enough to play, and from what I’ve heard he’s expected to be available week 1. Morris is more of a speculative pick but worth picking up if you have room on your bench, as there is some uncertainty to this situation.

Morris is available in my league, I have J. Allen, Crowell, and Duke Johnson. Who should I drop for him if anyone?

yea. Breida was just cleared for work.

I have a feeling Breida will be the dalvin cook and Morris will be the Murray

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Drop j allen

You’ll regret dropping Mike Williams

I think Morris takes JM job and Brieda keeps being Brieda

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I owned McKinnon and didn’t see the news for a few hours. Someone in my league grabbed Morris but Breida was still sitting on waiver wire. If he is the new hotness week 1 I get to make fun of my buddy forever.

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and thats what its all about in the end… lol

How long has Breida had though? He showed flashes last year.

Very much reminds me of the Dallas situation last year. Some people were swearing it would be Morris, others McFadden, then there was Rod Smith too.

I guess the real answer is right now we can only guess. It is entirely possible that they go committee and neither guy is all that valuable.

Wrong. Morris is definitely the leader of this backfield. Brieda is a change of pace back. That hasn’t changed. Morris was going to lead this team in rushing before the injury, whether they knew it/wanted to admit it or not.

To answer OP’s question, I’d drop Eckler for Morris in a heart beat.

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