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Morris or McFadden if zeik is suspended?


I’m in a standard league with some depth on my bench, but not enough room to draft both without dropping someone I want to keep (Stewart, DJ, Parker and D. Thomas on my bench next to McFadden currently).

I know it’s it’s and buts, but who is more likely to start if zeik is suspended AND would it be worth the draft pick-up?


Mcfadden will be first every time.


I read an interesting article written by James Koh with some numbers crunched about O-Lines run blocking. He was looking at the specific metric of yards gained by an O-line before a defender got within 1 yard of the RB.

According to him the worst 5 run blocking units are:

Cowboys - (-0.41 yards gained before a defender closed in on the RB) (Also shocking I know)
Bengals (-0.37)
Jets (-0.37)
Colts (-0.26)
Eagles (-0.11)

The NFL average is (+0.30)

With all that said, I think that if these interesting metrics are true, I would not be buying into Mcfadden OR Morris. It could be testament to just how good Zeke actually is, and how much the O-line has potentially changed from last year in the Run block category.

Out of interest the 5 best were;

Jags (+1.18)
Falcons (+0.99)
Vikings (+0.93)
Redskins (+0.90) Somebody asking about Perine???!!
Buccs (+0.85) Oh wait that somebody is also asking about Douggy M!!!

edit: Link to the interesting article I read.


Thank you for the insight this was a great read!