Morris, Shepard or JuJu - Lineup help to reach playoffs

Hey footclan, greets from Germany, absolutely love the show :slight_smile:

this is a big week for me as it is for everyone who has not secured a playoff seed and still can reach playoffs :slight_smile:

So right now i’m 7-5 in a 12-man 2QB-league and reach the playoffs if i win or the matchup ends in a draw, my opponent for this week has the same scenario, he reaches the playoffs if he wins or our matchup ends in a draw :smiley: but playing 0-0 without setting a lineup is not an option for us. we both can still reach playoffs with a loss if one of the 2 other guys who are still able to reach playoffs loses this week.

So this was the introduction, now my question:
I’m definitely starting:
-QB1 Stafford
-QB2 Goff
-RB1 Fournette
-RB2 Mixon
-WR1 Cupp
-WR2 Doctson
-TE Ertz (thank you Jason who recommended him before the start of the season so i traded for him cheap :slight_smile: as he was the 2nd TE on the other team :slight_smile:)
-Flex: Morris/Shepard/JuJu

Lost Zeke who is still on my bench and jordy nelson… so there was a time my lineup looked better :smiley:

Who to start on my flex spot? If Eli was still the starter for the giants, i would definitely start Shepard, but geno Smith? i guess shepard is only his 12th target behind all the defenders :frowning: Am i too afraid of geno? Who would you recommend to start?

Thank you for your help!