Moss/Cooks/RoJo in flex

14 team league, 0.5ppr, who ya liking more for flex?

RBs: Jacobs, Carson
WRs: DJ Moore, Gallup

Cooks has a tough matchup but I feel like he has the best volume opportunity of the three. RoJo losing touches to Fournette, and idk if gamescript will favor Moss. AJ Brown is on my bench so he’d be a lock for flex but I’m not sure if he’s gonna play this week.

Obviously if Brown plays he is your flex.

Honestly, I dont any of the 3 outside of Brown. However, if Brown is a no go I would lean towards RoJo, he will still get some volume as long as he doesnt fumble again.

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Appreciate the insight. I’m still leaning Cooks despite a tough matchup, I’m just worried about RoJo’s usage going forward. Anyone else have any thoughts between Cooks or RoJo?

Cooks is probably the “better” play over RoJo. Hou will definitely be in a negative game script and will be throwing.

The issue being if Watson can get it together and play half way decent is the big question mark.

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Moss is out this week so scratch him off the list. I’d lean Cooks as he may be the WR1 in Houston this week depending on Fuller’s health. Reports say he’s fine but he hasn’t shown it. Rojo is a toss up with Arians as a coach. He will play the hot hand game with the RB’s.

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