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Most Consistent Red Zone Receivers


Huge EDIT: I done messed up my sheet.

I am still looking for sleepers and points of interest here. I had a lot of data before that was very misleading.

However…now…did you know…every time Cameron Brate was targeted in the red zone he had a 50% chance of scoring a TD? Or that Rishard Mattews caught 80% of his targets within the red zone, and 83% of his targets within the 10 were a TD.


what i think is your numbers are messed up. you say of 2016, but i know jordy didnt have 20 tds, not all of evans tds were from the redzone, and matthews only had 15 targets in the redzone last year… so im super confused. i mean these are just the three i looked up. even combining years mathews has had only 20 targets in the last three years.


Ew, this is awkward. Will revise, stay tuned.


Haha no big bud, i was really hoping I wasn’t wrong somehow. How big of an ass would i have been then? Lol


I reformatted, I had sorted incorrectly and destroyed all of my links. I have fixed the original sheet., And it’s ok @BusterD, you will always be an ass to me. :grin:


oh i see how it is haha. that does look more like it. im just here to keep you on your toes and honest. cant have you spreading your misinformation around like wildfire. :grin: :sunglasses:


You can’t lie to the people! #fakenews