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Most difficult round


What is the most difficult/frustrating round to pick players in mocks this year? I’ve found that 4th and 5th round players are extremely difficult and frustrating to pick since I personally don’t see much value in these players at their ADP but I also know they will not be returning to me on the following rounds. It would be interesting to hear what everyone else’s experience with mocks :slight_smile:


100% the fourth round for me. I don’t like a single player in normal ADP. You either have to get lucky and have someone fall or reach for someone before you need to. Completely agree with you.


Great question. Completely agree with you on the 4th and 5th rounds, it’s almost making me lean towards drafting a top-end QB or TE in that range. It’s making me understand the value of an auction draft; simplest solution is just not to draft any of those guys!


Round 16. Because I have to draft a kicker.

I do not like drafting a kicker… but I am forced to. This does not seem fair, but NO, I have to wade (way deeper than is comfortable) into those murky, filthy waters.

A pox on thee, Round 16!!!


Agreed on taking a QB or TE, I saw more in those positions I like in the 4th/5th rounds than to go for RB/WR that I don’t have much faith in.