Most important decision of the season? HELP ME!

I am 8-0 my RBs are A. Kamara, S. Michel, M. Mack, A. Collins and Wrs are D. Adams, A. Jeffery, S. Diggs
Do I trade Mack/Diggs or Mack/Jefferey for Hunt?

Having Kamara+Hunt would be pretty nice, but I wonder if it’s worth sacrificing a WR. Do you have any other WRs on your bench? is it a PPR league?

If you really wanted to I personally would trade Mack+Jeffrey for Hunt. Jeffrey might be sacrificing a few targets with Golden Tate added to that WR corp.


Yes. I would take that trade. Preference would be for Mack + Jeffrey for Hunt though.


@thomas_man It is a standard league I have both Moore Wrs on my bench and I think I can ask for John Brown I think he will want Diggs I want to give Jefferey first

@MikeMeUpp not worried about only having 4 backs? My bench would be thin

Are you worried? I mean yeah there’s always worry but it’s worth it. YOu would end up with 3x RB1s and arguably 2 of the top 5 RBs. Fantasy is about trade offs. You can’t expect to have a tonne of depth and a bunch of studs. I always like trading up for studs cause I’m playing to win.

who’s the third RB1? Mack?

It’s Hunt if he makes the trade

I only count Kamara + Hunt as the RB1s here

Michel man. Healthy Michel is an RB1, easily. I can’t name 12 guys I’d rather have over Michel ROS.


Oh I guess so, I was discounting him because he’s injured. I haven’t really followed Michel’s injury and just checked, I thought he was gonna be out for much longer.

mack and jefffery for sure

Yeah I think it puts my team over the top also traded Nick Chubb and J. Richard for Gronk and Doug Martin and K. Drake for Wentz sold off all my depth

Sony might play this week wasn’t that bad I guess

@demartinoaustin @thomas_man @MikeMeUpp @UpsettiSpaghetti
He wants Diggs, Collins, Mack for Hunt should I?

3 guys for 1?? I wouldn’t

@thomas_man that’s what I was thinking do you think they are any upgrades I should make to my Roster?

I would take this trade in a heart beat. Collins is almost a throw away for me. So it’s really Diggs and Mack for Hunt. Hunt in my eyes is a top 4 RB right now. As much as I love diggs, this is around the time he typically starts getting hurt. And Mack hasn’t been able to stay healthy his entire career. Hunt is a locked and loaded RB1 workhorse you can plug in your lineup every week.

@MikeMeUpp @thomas_man
He threw in J. Brown

I was down with the first trade even without Brown so that’s just a bonus in my eyes. I’m assuming here that you have the depth for this which clearly you do.

Kamara/Hunt would be your starting RBs and Adams /Jeffrey would be your starting WRs and you flex in Michel / Brown and whoever else you grab off waivers on a weekly basis.

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