Most injury hit team

A team in my 8 man league was dominating but now has a shell of a line up…

Started hunt, M. Gordon, Aj Green, Kupp, Sanders and Olsen in week 11. Come week 14 his line up is Doug Martin mack M. Evans, Reynolds, Corey Davis and J. Cook. Season over!

Can anyone rival for most unlucky with injuries?

That sucks. Not injuries for me but all the major trade deadline moves: Cooper, Hyde, Tate. Yep, that was fun times sorting through that mess and cost me a couple of games. I recovered but it was mostly what the heck moves.

Cooper, grabbed Boyd and Ridley early knowing he was gone. Hyde, got Chubb by uncommon luck since I found out about it the minute it happened by accident. Tate, held on to him but he has done nothing since last week and no way I’m starting him against Dallas.

I did lose Fournette but hedged him with Yeldon in the draft so he kept the lights on.

This year has been brutal. Fournette, Michel, Gordon. Lost Sanders this week and now OBJ. Ridiculous. Now starting Mike Evans, DJ Moore and Dante Pettis. Not real happy right now.

A guy in our league had AJ Green, Sanders, Brieda, Kerryon and D Jackson. LOL…and that’s all happened in the past few weeks.

@frymire73. Yeah…I’ve got Evans as well and was feeling good about it. BUT…with the storms and high winds forecasted for Tampa tomorrow…Winston may not be doing much in the air!!! GRRRRRR!!!
(Sorry…I know this was little off-topic here).

Im watching the weather and researching rain game stats. Hopng it works out…

Good luck buddy!!! :slightly_smiling_face: