Most irritating thing people do in FF?

My opinion? Vote down their own trade proposals once accepted…

For sure but voting on trades shouldn’t exist in my view, only for collusion and you have to prove it in the open chat to the commissioner. Trade veto’s are the worst for sure.

Mine and it’s a big issue this year in my main league is owners not responding at all to trade requests or chats even though you can see they’ve read the message! I always try and talk to owners first and discuss a trade, one because it’s the best way to get a deal done and two you never know what other opportunities may open up a small deal can become a big one very quickly. I’ve yet to call people out on the group but it’s getting close, we have some new owners who just draft and then go radio silent ROS, they do waivers and lineups etc but i draft a team and collect FAs/Waiver guys to trade so it’s affecting how about half of us play the game right now.

I’d draft differently if i knew no one wants to even talk about trades. Luckily those that do have all been trading with me and I’ve built a pretty stacked team but there are a couple of deals i would like to do and are fair swaps for both sides but it’s a non starter

Very good point. Non trader leagues are no fun.