Most sacked QB conundrum

Ok, maybe it’s too early to talk specifically about last years stats concerning QBs moving into a new year but this has weighed heavily on my mind lately and would like your input.

  1. Watson was sacked a whopping 62 times last year but somehow has one of the best Wrs in the game (some say the best moving into 2019). Why would I spend a #1 draft pick on a WR that has a QB running for his life and behind arguably the worst offensive line in the NFL?

  2. Dak Prescott on the other hand was behind the 2nd or 3rd best offensive line last year and was sacked 56 times. This probably stems from losing the best center in football early in the year but still…he does have a new coordinator and one of the best RBs today so his sack total should dramatically fall

  3. Russel Wilson- this one is hard for me but the dude got sacked 51 times last year. That’s 51 times a actually avoided a serious injury.

  4. Matt Ryan-sacked 42 times and had the best WR in total fantasy points (std league) and a decent run game.

My ultimate question is why would I invest a draft pick from any of these teams if the QB is pressured this much? What “made” Tyreek Hill so valuable to me is Mahomes is mobile and didn’t get sacked near as many times as the 4 QBs I listed so any WR or RB on that team was destined to succeed. Maybe I’m thinking too much into this QB sack stat but its not making draft day any easier

You’re forgetting Green Bay, which allowed the third most sacks in the league. Guess Rodgers, Adams, and all other Packers are also undraftable?

The actual answer is that, as your post itself makes pretty clear, there is not much (if any) correlation between sack rate and fantasy success at the wr and qb position, because some of the highest scoring QBs and wrs were on teams that allowed the highest amount of sacks in the league. It’s also odd that you include Atlanta in this analysis, which was pretty middle of the pack in terms of sacks allowed. So yeah, you’re putting too much stock into sack statistics.

  1. You’re thinking too much. Given how much they protect QBs these days, half of those sacks, the whistle gets blown and they never hit the ground. In terms of investing in a WR like Nuk, he proved that he doesn’t need Watson to produce at a high level. Just look at what he did in 2017. He’s shown for most of his career with the exception of one year, that he produces at an elite level despite bad QB play.

  2. Dak Prescott did not have the 2nd or best offensive line last year. ON paper when healthy, they would’ve been but they battled injuries all season. In fact, I don’t even think Dallas cracked the top 5 last year in offensive line play, especially in pass pro. Those scores belong to steelers, browns, colts, eagles, patriots. In fact, I don’t even think cowboys cracked the top 10 last year due to injuries.

You’re thinking too much about this. Talent is talent. You draft the best guys. In fact if you want to make injuries your main argument, you shouldn’t be drafting RBs in the 1st round. That is the most injury prone position in all of sports. Just look at the last few years. Half the RBs taken in the 1st round suffered injuries resulting in missed games (Last Year - Gurley, Gordon, Mixon, Fournette, year before - DJ, Cook, etc.)

Thanks for the responses guys! Thinking too much this time of the year is my specialty and its going to for sure lead to a heart attack if I don’t chill the hell out. Ever since I started listening to this podcast and visiting this website my game has improved 100%. I am in a standard league with no special scoring system. Matter of fact we haven’t changed the scoring system in 20 years so I guess I am a dinosaur but in a league full of dinosaurs :slight_smile: Again, I really appreciate the straight talk and I will take your advice and not put so much thought into the sack catagory when selecting top picks. Ya know, I do draft 2 RBs back to back so I see the point of injury lingering every play

@AggressivePerfector I can kinda feel your pain my friend. It’s that time of year for many of us FFB’rs. (My draft isn’t until the end of JUL…BUT…this is usually the time of year I start REALLY CHECKING everything out BIG TIME.) Just to kinda start getting a HEAD’S UP on everything!!!

I don’t do DYNASTY OR KEEPER…just RE-DRAFT…so…I usually start trying to concentrate HARD AND HEAVY on all the “goings on” over the off-season around now…as far as who’s changed teams, who the HOT NEW INCOMING ROOKIES ARE…what the “expectations” are for all the teams and “key” players etc. AND after watching the GUYS latest episodes…WOW…LOL…looks like this might be a year FOR THE BOOKS!!!

OH…AND…I broke down and scrounged to find the funds to get the UDK this year. SOOOOOO…any feedback y’all might have on the best way to utilize that would be ULTIMATELY appreciated TONS!!! THANKS MY FFB FRIENDS and fellow CLAN!!! MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!

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