Most youd pay to keep robby anderson

10 man half ppr superflex league.
Costs $12 to keep.

Currently keeping juju ($18) and theilen ($22).

Could also keep edelman ($24) or evan engram ($13), but im not leaning that direction.
Can only keep up to 3

Would rather keep R Anderson for 12 than A Theilen for 22.

Could you explain?

TL;DR at the bottom

If you trust the Ballers, which I assume you do as we’re on their fourms, they’ve got Anderson stated out for about 30 points less than Theilen on the year. Less than 2 points a game.

You’ll save 10% of your budget taking Anderson over Theilen for the the same production.

Anderson was also trending as a top 5 WR in the last 5 games last year when him and Darnold starting linking up.

With the Vikings wanting to become more run-orientated after firing an OC who “threw the ball too much”, Theilens’ opportunity ceiling has lowered. There’s also talk of Chad Beebee taking over in the slot where Theilen made his money, and AT getting moved to the outside.

TL;DR They have similar floors, but Anderson has higher upside for less money.

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I feel like theilens talent will carry him. Cousins having another year in the system will only help theilen/diggs. Also the last 5 or so games for the vikes are very deceiving for what their offense was. Im sold on theilen at 22. The real question is, is it worth spending the 12 bucks on robby to lock down the wr3 spot. I feel 12 bucks is about market price for robby and that i can get him cheaper potentially. So do i play that gamr and run the risk of not getting robby.

Plus cousins is going to throw for 4500ish yards, and while i dont think theilen is gonna be who he was at the beginning of last year, i definitely think hes going to be more consistent.

Basically out of a $200 budget i could have juju theilen and anderson as my wr1-3 for 52 bucks (25ish% of total budget) which is fair