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Mostert and Guice’s Dynasty Value

Are Mostert or Guice reliable enough to be my flex player next year in my 12-team dynasty PPR league? Concerned about the crowded backfield in SF and Guice’s injury history. Both backs are too talented to count out tho.

I have the 1st overall pick so I can draft someone to fill that spot and I also have the 10th overall pick. I would prefer to trade pick 1.01 to gain assets. Or I could trade pick 1.10. My next pick in the draft isn’t until the 4.07.

As of today, I would not be counting on Mostert or Guice as a starting lineup player in 2020.

I would suggest, considering you have 8 months before you to start a lineup, make dynasty decisions based on value rather than starting lineup. Trade/draft for as much value as you possibly can. When the next season gets closer then you can consider starting positions and hopefully you’ve given yourself enough assets to make it happen.


Gotta agree with @fun4willis were still a little ways away from starting line up decisions, but assets is what I’d be focusing on. Mostert and Guice worry me, Mostert’s only ever shown this season he’s a possible asset, and its a committee asset, Guice is incredibly injury prone it seems and that stresses me out, if I had to pick between the two I’d wanna keep Mostert.


Thanks for the help guys!

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i like what the other guys said. i do see upside in guice despite injury. imho his late season injury would have taken out anyone and it was just a sprain or something, not another tear. when he did play (admittedly small sample) he looked awesome. i just picked him up as a depth piece with upside. i really like mostert and think his only problem is lack of predictable usage. when he is in, though, you are likely thrilled.

i would consider moving the 1.01 and grabbing a few mid/late firsts. i like the 1.01 for sure, but there are enough guys in the draft that if i could get 2 mid firsts i would take that without worry. i do not mind risk, though, so keep that in mind.

i hope any of this helps!