Mostert , Bell, or AP

Hey y’all! Hope everyone’s lineups are coming together for the semis! Need to lock my RB2, Mostert , Bell , or AP, 1pt PPR league. Thanks everyone, best of luck!

This is a tough one. I hate to do it, but I honestly think I roll Bell assuming he is healthy only because of the full PPR. He may only get 60 total yards but could very well have 4 catches.

Mostert isn’t a bad play either since he has been doing great. But just a lot of mouths to feed there so you never know how it will all play out.

Not Bell. Against the Ravens, he could end up getting 2-3 points, and has very low ceiling so it’s not worth the risk. Washington plays the Eagles so that could be alright, but the best upside is Mostert against the Falcons.

Def Mostert