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Mostert Dynasty Value

What is Mostert’s value going into the offseason for dynasty? I’d like to trade a WR for him in hope he’ll have chance for a bigger role this next season. Here’s some of my WRs, which would be closest to a fair trade value for Mostert: Robby Anderson, Curtis Samuel, Sammy Watkins, Diggs.

Thanks Footclan!

I’d love to land any 2020 2nd for him, but with the uncertainty in the backfield heading into next year, I’d be lucky to get any 2020 3rd for him. At this point, I’m considering holding. Value-wise, he seems more valuable than Watkins and potentially on par with Robby Anderson

Thanks for the response. Robby Anderson was around where I was thinking too. I’d love to just give a draft pick for him but I think I’ll have to give up a player.

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If you can buy Mostert for a 2020 mid to late 3rd round pick, that seems reasonable (considering the risk). With Robby’s next team uncertain, it’s a gamble to deal him at this time (could pay off for sure)