Mostert or Hardman?

Trying to fill in my last 1/2 PPR FLEX position.

Hardman. He could still have value later in the season if he establishes himself as a reliable WR option for Mahomes. Also, he could return immediate value in the coming weeks given the lack of receiving options on the Chiefs. I assume you don’t need a fringe RB3/RB4 at the moment considering how early it is in the season.

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I’m seriously considering starting Hardman. Reid is saying he likely splits his work up but not buying it. I still don’t think he gets much regardless. End around, 2-3 short passes and maybe one bomb. With that speed though all he needs is to burn his man once.

I also have Christian Kirk. Ravens starting CB is out. Their backup DB’s, one is 33 and the other is pretty much garbage. He could have a decent game…meh, the Ravens eat up so much clock won’t be much time so likely spool up Mecole.

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My RB core has a few fliers, with Gordon out I have A.Jones, Murray, C Thompson, D Thompson, M.Davis, J.Hill & Mostert. I could sit Jones out and throw Mostert or Thompson with Murray and keep Hardman in the flex?

Good points. Mecole vs Kirk is kind of a toss-up with a decent number of pros on each side, I’d go with your gut on that one.

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