Mostert or Mccoy this week?

2 Mccoy vs. BAL
1 Mostert vs PIT
3 Chark vs TEN
4 Adrian P vs CHI
5 Cohen vs WASH
6 L.Murray vs SEA

Ive ranked them for my flex standard league , who would you pick, thanks

Any thoughts? Drop a link and I will respond. TY!

BTW I I’m leaning towards Mostert.

Just got an update that Damien Williams is not practicing today. Something with his knee. Mostert has the edge over Shady with matchup (not so good steelers defense VS a solid Ravens defense), but Shady has the opportunity/snaps over mostert. Plus, it’s an Andy Reid system, in which he flourished in in his tenure in Philly. That’s just my opinion though ahah. I could be wrong. Good luck!!

@Mike_Hawk man, again who do I start? lol! right now Im leaning towards Mostert RB2 even with Mccoy starting RB1

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If you haven’t already, check out the FF podcast with the matchups. See what they say and pay attention to what they say about the two. I’ll help out as well!