Mostert or MT for the only IR

Just like the title says I have one IR spot and 2 guys worth trying to stash.

Is there going to be any trade value to a team with an open ir spot possibly? or is that a pipe dream?

Thinking pairing Mostert with like A.B or Corey Davis and get whatever I can for it

Who would you keep

I think it’s a pipe dream. If someone were to offer me a player on IR in a deal it would have to be a top tier guy to consider (CMC, Cook, etc.)

Given your choice, I would personally choose MT for the IR. He comes back sooner than mostert will, and there is a huge hole at WR for the Saints without him


It really comes down to your depth at the end of the day, but talent-wise i think that i would go MT.

Even when Mostert returns, there’s no guarantee he’s given the starting role again with a slew of Michel, Hasty, and Sermon all around the next 8 weeks to show they can be just as involved.

MT will come back to a team that is already depleted at WR and Winston has shown he’s capable enough at least to get the ball to the receivers hands. Even if he goes back to being Mr. Slant-Man he should be a quality Flex/WR2 play.

Yeah I think MT is the one to keep for sure I just hate dropping a guy like Mostert like itll hurt seeing him come back on another team but I just dont see anyone wanting to try to trade for a IR player even when paired with something

You could do it you just wouldn’t get nearly the amount of value back that he is, and it would require them dropping an extra player just to throw him on IR for 8 weeks and could cause them to lose them to waivers.

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Problem solved–Mostert out for the year now.

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