Mostert stash

Is Mostert worth a stash with breida contually getting hurt or is he more of a weekly play

First it was McKinnon. Then brieda, then Morris, now mostert. At what string running back to we just say, “hey I don’t want a “x” string running back even if he is getting some work.” I think 4th string should easily fit that mold. I don’t want a fourth string runnning back.

Hes had usage and has 4.3 speed. Yeah I would stash him. Breida is highly injury prone at this point and Mostert has similar skillset.

What do you think about Penny? Stashed him thinking he’d get not usage. Mostert over penny?

I dont think I have a strong opinion in but think I would say yes. Seattle backfield is such a mess and Penny just hasnt looked good. Mostert has now done well in 2 games.