Mother of ALL TRADES. Pick from Trades A, B or C

Hello clans - Forgive me if I have posted couple of posts here before, but I thought I’ll consolidate all in one post. I am in a desperate need for a win this week as I am 3-4 in my 12 team, 0.5 PPR league. Below are the trades I am going to offer and need the footclan input. I am not sure if he will go for it or not, but his team needs help too. I will be acquiring Hunt and Green

Trade A:

Trade B:

Trade C:

I think A or C could get it done, with C being the more likely.

EDIT: to reiterate, B definitely would be the most ideal for you. But I think A or C are more realistic if I’m being objective.


All of those trades look like big wins for you, particularly the top 2

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if you can get away with trade B, then that’s the one i would do.

I really like lindsey ROS, which is why i shy away from trade A. especially with Freeman dealing with an ankle thing.

I think you could comfortably run Lindsey as RB2 in ppr ROS as it currently stands.

Aaron Jones on the other hand is stuck on a Packers offense that struggles to consistently run the ball.

Trade C, i feel like your paying too much for a receiver in JuJu, who is definitely a great player, but (at least in my mind) not the caliber of an AJ Green.

So if i had to rank them i would probably go B > A > C

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I need to trade away Tate as I have Golladay… I cant decide between Lindsay and Jones as I really do not trust the Broncos and the Packers coaching staff.

Decisions… decisions… decisions

I think B is the best for you, but I don’t personally see that being considered by your trade partner. I think A is your best chance at making it happen or you could try Joe Mixon, A Jones, and Tate for Juju and Hunt. I think that would be a more reasonable trade without giving up Lindsay

Yikes… if I offer Mixon, Jones and Tate for Juju and Hunt I am giving away wayyy too much.

Well points from 3 good players are typically always going to be more than points from 2

Based what you’re using there, sure but personally I don’t think that’s an appropriate value of Jones right now. Sure, if he took over as the bellcow back for the Packers he’d be a stud, but from what I’ve seen out of Mccarthy and what he wants to do, I just don’t see Jones getting to that point.

I would be fine with taking all of these trades but my strongest preference would be for trade A or Trade B cause I prefer Green to JuJu ROS, although not by much. I do think once Bell returns, that eats into JJJSS volume.


If you can land trade B that would be my choice, followed closely by trade A. But if you can get B to happen I think you definitely won it. But A is still in your favor.

I like C and think JuJu is awesome, but I would take Green over JuJu in a slight margin.