Move Ingram while I have Kamara?

Would you move Ingram to avoid two RB’s on same team? If I could package him with another RB, QB, WR, etc to get CMC or Hunt would you? I know he and Kamara can be fine together, but it makes me nervous… I’m also not sure what to do since I won’t have Freeman for a while.

My roster:
K Allen
S Diggs
A Kamara
M Ingram
D Freeman
M Lynch
K Drake
S Watkins
C Godwin
B Powell
Z Ertz
J Reed

If you can package Ingram with Luck, Winston, or Reed I would jump on CMC or Hunt. Personally I don’t love Hunt but his production on, probably, the best offense in the league is undeniable.

That makes sense. And the Hunt owner may be willing to jump on the QB because they have Stafford and Darnold and they don’t seem happy with Stafford.

So I couldn’t make these trades work, but I’m looking at a possible trade of Ingram/Godwin(or Watkins) to get Juju? The Juju owner only has CMC, Chris “always hurt” Thompson and Corey Clement for RB. I still have Kamara, Mack, Richard, and Drake at RB. Any thoughts? Thought I would bring this back since it involves trading Ingram still.

You window to move Ingram was after his first game back. I’m not too high on ingram at all. He’s not worth nearly as much now.

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I see what you’re saying.

My only thought is I know it’s a contract year for Ingram, and he still touched the ball 14 times last week, and most experts think he will be top 15 or so rest of season and this guy follows podcasts and ranking systems like that too so he may be interested.

People place way too much weight on this “contract year prove yourself” thing. Blown way out of proportion.

He could definitely finish the season as top 15, but on a game by game basis, it’s hard for me to trust him. Kamara is a plug and play for me. Ingram is matchup dependent and you’re hoping for a TD.

Fair enough, I appreciate your advice!