Move to make post draft.. Thoughts?

Hello everyone!

I just completed a 10 team Half ppr league last night and my team is below. I have 5 rbs and 5 wrs because the value of rbs when I got them was really hard to pass up. I am now nervous I dont have the wr depth I need. Should I look for more wr depth off waivers or in trades?

I dont usually have two TEs or QBs but the league was drafting that way and I had to be mindful of what might not be on the waivers. Anyway, I would love your thoughts on my team and how I can strategize moving forward.

Look for a trading partner that is long on WRs and short on RBs. Review each league team’s roster which will identify the team in the most need for your players.

The team I am looking to target has a fair number of wrs and a little thin on rb. Has McKinnon and Drake at rb so I was thinking maybe offer Collins for Fitz. That would leave me with Bell, Lynch, Coleman, and Johnson as rbs. Thoughts on Collins for Fitz in Half ppr?