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Moves in Week 5


I have a couple scenarios that I need help with:

  1. Should I start Alex Smith, Deshaun Watson, or attempt to sign a free agent qb like Carson Wentz in week 5?
  2. I could possibly trade lamar miller for Julio Jones. I know Julio Jones has a bye week but I feel it could workout well for later in the season. My only concern is that I don’t have a second running back to go with Melvin Gordon.

Thank you guys for the advice.


The Houston Def is better than the KC Def. To me Watson has more fantasy upside with his running.

If you are short on Rbs, don’ trade your Rb2.


Even for a player like Julio Jones?


I have the same problem with Smith and Watson and I’m starting Smith because I feel like he has the safer floor. That said, I don’t think you can go wrong either way. As for the Miller-Jones trade, it’s roster dependent. If you don’t have the depth to trade your RB 2 then don’t do it.


What’s the rest of your roster? PPR or Standard?


Full Roster is:

  • Deshaun Watson
  • Alex Smith
  • Cam Newton


  • Melvin Gordon
  • Lamar Miller
  • Wendell Smallwood


  • OBJ
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Marqise Lee
  • Demaryius Thomas
  • Danny Amendola
  • Tyler Lockett


  • Delanie Walker
  • Jimmy Graham


okay…under no circumstances should you trade Miller right now, you have no depth. One injury and you are boned at RB and Gordon is already banged up. I would package up Newton and a TE for a RB in a hurry.


Okay. Any suggestions on who to target?


I could possibly trade for Carlos Hyde


Try moving one of your tight ends for another rb. Walker and Graham are two of the top options so very likely someone would trade a rb for one of those guys


Agreed, capitalize on Newton’s great game. No reason to have two top 5ish tight ends


Okay, so somebody just offered me Julio Jones and Abdullah for Larry fitz. Any thoughts?


Take that in a heart beat. Abdullah looks to be on the up, and Julio is a massive upgrade over Fitz


That’s league dependent but look at owners who are 0-4, 1-3 they are likely to tilt. Look at owners with worse TE’s and QB’s. Use the Newton name and sell high. A Buy low RB i like (I am biased because I own him) Demarco Murray. Play Mia, Ind, CLE next.


The problem is that I can’t get rid of Cam Newton because my league is based in New Orleans so people here hate Cam Newton…