Moves worth making?

Finished our startup 00.5 PPR draft, results below. I think I’ve got a fairly solid looking team overall but wouldn’t mind a bit more juice from the WR or flex position in general. Lineup - QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLX(R/W)/K. Anyone here that i could target early, have all 7 draft picks to use as well?

It seems that no one values Dez. I would see if you can trade a 3rd for him.

7 draft picks? Does that mean your rookie drafts are 7 rounds each year?

Yeah could do, upside of him joining a decent team is tempting.
Yeah 7 rounds next year, not sure on after that there may be a vote to change it to 5

Another idea would be to find the person with Ajayi or Royce Freeman and try to trade them Barber or Clement respectively.