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Mr. Andrew Luck


Well footclan, Andrew Luck has been sitting on my bench for 6 weeks now. My IR spot is taken by David Johnson. So I’ve been hoping Luck would be more than a bench position this year but it’s not looking pretty. Should I keep him and still hope he plays this year or go to the waiver wire? Unfortunately my starter right now is Carson Palmer but I’m not sure that he is capable of being a consistent play. 12 man league so waiver wirr is getting thin. Not to mention Brissett is on waivers too


Keeper league maybe. Otherwise I personally wouldn’t hold onto him if there is a good option on the waivers and you cant drop anyone else. They aren’t even sure he will play in 2017.


This is the question of the week I believe. @JoshL


As a Luck owner in one of my leagues I’m holding onto him. If/when he comes back my hope is that he is there for me during my playoff run. If I don’t get to use him at all until then I’m ok with streaming but my hope is he’ll be healthy enough to play when it really matters. If I was desperate for a bench spot and there was a really strong waiver pickup I’d consider dropping him. For me the allure of having Luck for the playoffs is why I hold onto him.


What is the latest news on Luck? Has he been practicing, even if limited? I’ve had him all year and was using Palmer until someone dropped Cousins and I got him. If Luck is on your IR spot, why not keep him unless you need that spot for someone you know is coming back? I just made a 3 for 1 trade to clear some bench space for Luck when he comes, but I’ve been operating under the assumption that week 9 is the earliest he’ll come back.


Thats understandable, I am 1-5 right now so my playoff chances are getting slimmer and slimmer as the weeks go by. I may hold onto him for 1 more week and wait for an update after week 7.


If you’re 1-5 you need to drop him for wins now. At best 3-4 weeks before Luck plays again


I’m a colts fan and i had andrew luck in all of my leagues and I dropped him. It’ts not looking good right now. I think theyre gonna shut him down for the season, and one of our main beat writers Zak Keefer said on twitter “Based on what we heard today, I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew Luck misses the entire 2017 season.” I think you can go ahead and cut him, but keep your ear to the floor for the latest news and be sure to pick him up if anything changes.