Mr. Barkley

So glad I have him.

He is fun as hell to watch

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Mr. Ertz is someone I’m so glad to have

Barkley making a good defense look stupid. Too bad about the rest of his team.

I wouldn’t trade my Ertz for Gronk right now.

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I’d trade you my Burton and Brate for him.

Lol. Throw Amari Cooper in there and you’ve got yourself a deal

I’ll give you Drake.

love his athleticism. that’s def enticing

wtf is manning doing lol

i can’t wait til Evan Engram can come off my IR and play bc Manning apparently thinks all his receivers are 6 foot 5

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Sometime he seems competent and sometimes I’ve never seen a worse QB in the NFL. Tonight is more of the latter.

Yeah i think he has some serious performance anxiety issues that run way deeper than football. the quality of play he exhibits week to week, more like season to season, brings the word “schizophrenia” to mind

*edit: bipolar i think is more appropriate. he def doesn’t even enjoy playing football. peyton and archie would just ignore him forever if he had ever decided to retire before getting the OK from them. it’s always been kind of sad to watch lol. his face is so sad

He is definitely frightened by ODB

Yeah it does seem mental. They better hope they can get a franchise QB this coming draft.

who’s even coming up in the draft? they should have gotten Baker. they need someone with some arrogance who actually gets upset when he isn’t winning

bc every single other weapon necessary is there already. and the defense is decent enough

Here is a list of 2019 QB prospects by ranking:

Wow I didn’t realize Thorson was rated top 5. Reppin my school. I wonder what happened to Trevor Simien. He was the man for like 3 games in Denver and then just disappeared

He is the only Northwestern football player without a massive inferiority complex so maybe he’d actually be a good fit for the NYG

I get nervous Barkley is going to get hurt every single play. He’s like too agile for his own good