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Mr. Barkley


THere’s ya BOI!!!


Did I say how much I love having Barkley?


you did you did say that i do recall


Eli has slowed considerably compared to a couple of years ago. They are particularly bad at play action passing which is insane considering how good their running game is with Barkley. They cut Flowers, who was horrid, but this new guy in his play at left tackle can do nothing with the Eagles and Cox either.

They need to draft a QB and LT. Try to let Eli mentor one year and then get out from under that deal and get better talent on o and d line.


That’s a fair point. That would be a pretty major waste of Eli’s surprisingly prolific career experience to lose him without at least a season’s worth of mentoring a young guy.


I honestly think the guy they have now could be an NFL starter, maybe not a great one but I see some potential.


LOL…that little man is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!


I’m playing against Barkley please respect my privacy at this time thank you


Yeah same here. I’m playing against Barkley right now! I’m currently 5-0, he might bring my team to its knees. I mean I’ve got Gurley but damn lol.


his thighs have about the same circumference as a redwood tree trunk


LOL,now THAT’S funny!!!


I don’t think we need to try to diagnose Eli simply because he isn’t playing well.


Image result for eli manning gif


I just don’t get why he’s so sad and dejected all the time. He has 2 rings for crying out loud


We don’t need to use actual facts? I’m not completely blaming him as that line is horrid and I’m not burying him like Troy was on commentary, but he has been a part of the problem. He’s hardly worth even a spot play in fantasy these days and what was pre decline. The ball isn’t getting out as fast as it should. That’s a huge issue for a qb.