MT for gronk?

MT, Emmanuel sanders, geronimo allison. Greg olsen. For Fitzgerald, gronk, guice, and Edelman?

Who do you have? MT or Gronkowski? Either way you’re aware Guice is out for the season rite?

Dynasty or keeper id probably take the right side assuming you have an IR spot to stash Guice. Otherwise I’ll stick with the left side.

I have MT. And dynasty

We have ir

I am aware. But dynasty longer term i have 3 ir spots

I stay if it were me, without knowing the rest of your roster. Guice is out, Gronk may not even play past this year. You’re giving up two young solid WR2s, and replacing them with one WR2 who also may not play beyond this year; or at least be of any value. Add in that Edelman is suspended, and it really doesn’t look good.

Michael Thomas by a lot

Doesn’t matter if this is dynasty, redraft, keeper, homeleague, online league, yomamas backyard league, its the MT side by a country mile.

There is no chance I’m making this trade.

MT side for me. The other side just is not worth it.