MT for OBJ & KennyG

I need help at receiver I’m constantly scrambling for a WR2

Should I trade Michael Thomas ? I’m looking around and can possibly get obj and Kenny Golladay for him.

My other receivers are Amari cooper, Keelan Cole, Nelson Agholor, keke coutee, mike Williams.

Rbs are - Melvin Gordon, Lynch, Howard , Clemente

Or should I try and target someone else,? Thanks

ill give you thielen for MT?

I would consider taking Thielen and another piece for MT aswell

OBJ + Kenny G is a pretty fair. OBJ is still getting the volume to be elite WR1 and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes above MT for ROS or vice versa. They’re pretty even in my rankings. So you’re getting a weekly WR2 starter by taking a slight downgrade from OBJ to MT, if at all.