MT for Ridley

Been offered MT for Ridley, I may be able to get Cam thrown in.

14 team full PPR, roster below. Do I do this for the upside or stick with Ridley’s upside and leave the injury alone ( or buy next week when he busts again)?

QB - Goff (waivers are mega thin )
RB - Drake, Conner, Robinson, Thompson Gibson
WR - Adams, Ridley, Woods, Campbell, Cooks
TE - Jarwin (trying for Godert on waivers)

What is your starting lineup requirement?

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE

Kicker and DST

So I could possibly sit MT until he was right again, roll with Woods/Adams, Drake and other RB. Flex Campbell or Cooks if he gets some run with the Texans?

You def have the roster and starting lineup to support considering this trade.

My concern is a high ankle sprain can be season limiting. This is largely what tanked Kamara’s season last year. There are few details so far and he will reportedly play through it. I would actually prefer if it was a broken bone - they have much more reliable timetable back to 100%.

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Agreed and I had Kamara last year, wasn’t fun.

If it comes out he will sit I may pull the trigger I don’t want him playing through it to be honest. Ridley also looks like he has a shot to be top 10 this year so I’m already starting 3 WR1s each week.

The upside if he heals would be massive though, trotting out Adams, MT, Woods, Drake, Conner, Cam (if he’s back for real) in a 14 team would be lights out most weeks…

Maybe see what the week brings, how waivers go.

You definitely have the roster to pull the trigger on that trade and take the chance. The upside of if he is healthy is insane plus if you can actually get the guy to throw in Cam, I’d be taking that chance.

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He won’t throw in cam yet so I’ll sweat him out I think for a few days or this week :+1:t2:

You definitely don’t need to rush into anything. If you get your trade great if not, you still have a great WR core


Yes saw that, I bailed out.

Moves were made, my team now looks like:

QB - Mahommes, Goff
RB - Chubb, Drake, Robbinson, Gibson, (waiver clam on Bell who was dropped)
WR - Adams, Woods, Lamb, Campbell, Cooke
TE - Logan Thomas

I missed Godert but the Kittle owner may drop him if he’s in so will wait on TE.

Do I shop Mahommes and maybe drake to get Rodgers, Taylor or Kyler, Barkley? I may be able to give Lamb or Campbell and get OBJ from the Kyler/Barkley owner in a three for three - thoughts in that?

Or just enjoy Mahommes, first year I’ve ever had a stud QB!