MT for Top RB plus Kupp?

Should I do this trade? I was thinking of trying for Mixon instead of Sanders. I have Thomas.

Rest of team

I would go for Mixon and Kupp if you can. Having Drake, Jacobs, and Mixon would be a deadly combination. I’d consider taking the trade as is as well, but Mixon would be my preference.

I wouldn’t take the trade in my opinion, your two current RBs are great and i think that by mid season dobbins could take over that lead back roll, gibson is also another good addition and could be a great fantasy RB this year. Not sure if this is a PPR league but thomas is a beast either way. On the other hand you would be getting a 3rd top tier RB and a great player in Kupp, i could go either way on this but i would choose to keep thomas.

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In a vacuum I’d do the deal, but based on your team I wouldn’t. It would help your Depth, but your team is already deep enough, that the high end talent is more important.