MT+Lindsay for Mixon+Green

Been offered the above. Standard scoring, I’d be giving up MT+Lindsay.

QB: Rodgers
RB: Lindsay, Chubb, A Jones, McCoy, Breida, Fournette
WR: AB, MT, Hilton, Edelman, Sutton
TE: Kittle
DST / K: KC / Bailey

As much as I like Mixon, I think I should stick. Not least to avoid the stack.

Pretty content with my side. @MikeMeUpp Thoughts or suggestions for any other moves?

I don’t blame you for wanting to hold tight, but I would do it. Mixon is a much bigger upgrade over Lindsay than Green is a downgrade from MT.


I like it, I’m not the biggest fan of stacking a WR and RB on the same offense but you can flip one of them later.

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I also feel the upgrade to Mixon is very good.

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Thanks for the input, I wasn’t expecting it all to be in favour. Think it’s worth taking as-is or put in a counter? His roster is;

Hunt, Mixon, Murray, Crowell, Ito Smith
Green, Lockett, DJ Moore

Clearly very thin at WR. Edit: NB: Nothing will process until next week, we have a dumb 2 day trade review.

Could be okay but don’t like the mixon AJ green stack. Caps your team. I’d rather own MT personally.

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