MT owners, we sitting pat or are we trading?

Title says it all. Sucks to see your WR1, round 1 pick get hurt, just worried this is going to affect his whole season.

Are we sitting pat and riding the injury out or are we trying to sell him even if we aren’t going to quite get the return back that we drafted him as?

Current team - 12 team full ppr
QB: Allen
WR: Thomas, Moore, Woods, Lazard, Miller, Deebo(IR)
RB: Drake, Hunt, Montgomery, Michel, Coleman, Robinson
TE: Cook

*Edit: If we are staying pat rather than selling low on him, are we sitting him this week since he may be used as a decoy (if he suits up) or are we benching him for a week or 2?

I actually just traded for him

was before i found out his injury was more serious than they originally thought though smh

What was the trade

Edelman and moore for him