MThomas for Barkley + Thielen

Just got offered Barkley + Thielen for MThomas. PPR. Thoughts?

My team:
Q: Mariota, Goff
RB: DJ, Mixon, Duke J, Chris Thompson, Breida
WR: K Allen, M Thomas, Baldwin, Tate, Gordon, Fuller
TE: Ben Watson (he has Trey Burton - ask for him?)

Take it now

I hope you’re taking this trade and there’s no veto option in your league.

Just got vetoed

Just because members of your league “doesn’t like” the trade, is no reason to veto. Maybe they should have drafted better. In my opinion you should only veto if there is collusion or it is apparent that the member is purposely “throwing” his team down the drain.

You should leave your league. Any league that has veto votes on every trade, is from the stone ages. Only commish should have veto and only for collusion which is very hard to prove. Other managers shouldn’t get to veto a deal just because they are upset they weren’t the ones getting the steal. If I had a league with majority veto, I would basically just leave.